Women’s business travel agencies, there is a marketing potnecjal

Women’s business travel agency – there is marketing potential?

In the area of tourism, offices addressing their products only to women are growing. So-called. Women-only tourism. So far in the business travel industry, no entity has so strongly emphasized its “female” offering. It seems that in an era of searching for niche specialties, this may be an interesting option. Here are some examples of “female” business travel agencies that are doing very well on the market.

Bissole – one of the leaders on the business travel market in Wroclaw

The modern Bissole travel agency has specialized in serving business clients for years. However, it has many more services on offer, including vacation sales with strictly women-only offerings. The bureau was on our list of the most interesting agents for business travel of small and medium-sized companies.

Managed for years by a female staff, it is particularly sensitive to the needs of the fair sex. In the past, the office tried many activities to meet precisely the female clientele. The m.in. beauty salon, cafes at the Wroclaw Opera House or, finally, meetings for women under the sign of Beauty and Health.

Certainly, this is the office in the business travel service segment that has most strongly earned the brand of a gender-friendly company.

VIP Travel from Warsaw

An intimate Warsaw-based travel agency, VIP Travel, is a niche player in the business travel market. Run by women, it has stayed on the market thanks to its reputation for professional cashier service. In the case of this office, unlike in Bissole’s situation, the offer is aimed strictly at companies expecting assistance in business trips. Minimized operating costs allow to be very competitive in a not easy market. The office also sells a group offer.

Amin Travel – super personalized service

Tiny office , for years specialized in serving small and medium-sized companies. Run basically by one person / owner who will see to every even the smallest matter. The office is still fully authorized to issue airline tickets, it also efficiently handles exotic holiday travel. Mainly thanks to the experience gained in servicing tourism when it had a stationary point.

DD Air Travel – strength in determination

Another family/women’s travel agency. Specialized mainly in group travel, but not only. It is also eager to serve small and medium-sized companies. The hallmark of this office is 100% professionalism and determination of the owner. The customer’s need and quick response to their inquiry are written in the DNA of this small but thriving office.

Should women’s travel agencies emphasize their “feminine” character more strongly ?

As we mentioned interestingly none of these offices openly define themselves as aimed mainly at women. Perhaps in a world dominated by male decision-makers they don’t want to alienate potential customers. However, global trends will support such niche specialties. Women’s business associations are certainly an interesting base of potential leads and will provide a secure existence for suppliers. Especially since in the case of the above offices, they are mainly small “low cost” organizations.