Hotailors super promo for business travel service until December 4

Hotailors – super promotion – 0 for business travel service – only until December 4

Black Friday has entered the business travel agent industry. Dynamic startup Hotailors, which we wrote about in the context of self-booking tools, has prepared a special offer for new customers. If we still do not have an agent to handle business travel, this is the moment to test this innovative tool.

Black Friday with Hotailors what to get as part of the promotion for business travel service

As we have mentioned in previous articles, Hotailors offers a rather novel way to settle business trips. It is a kind of subscription and the cost of service is calculated per trip. Customarily, the company/client also bears the cost of implementing the solution.

The promotional offer includes a set of benefits. The first is the removal of implementation costs, which normally cost a thousand dollars. The second is a booking package that you get quite free, it includes up to 10,000 bookings. We have six months to use the complimentary package. So de facto we get free service for half a year.

What else does Hotailors boast about

The platform for handling business travel on the occasion of the Black Friday offer highlights its other advantages. First of all, the speed and intuitiveness of reservations. 24-hour call center service, including English language service. We also have an extensive monitoring system for our employees who are on business travel, including information on epidemiological risks. Naturally, the booking tool could not miss a travel policy.

Advantages we know whether there are any disadvantages ?

It seems that for today the only drawback of Hotailors’ solution is the lack of complementary services within the platform. So car rental, insurance or visa service. We will easily order these services off-line through the help desk. However, it is worth making sure that this type of booking is included in the promotional package. The company promises to methodically add more services to the on- line platform.

We also do not have airline NDC solutions in the platform, surely the time will come for this type of implementation as well. Particularly in the case of travel by the Lufthansa group, but also AF/KL, this is a solution that provides companies with additional savings.

It seems that the very rich offer of airlines and extensive hotel service largely meet the needs of small and medium-sized companies in the area of business travel.

Will Hotailors contribute to the popularization of innovation in the business travel service market

The innovative approach to business travel service pricing may be the beginning of a larger wave of innovation. A similar approach within the hotel offer is offered by the start-up Bidroom. Both companies are new players in the business travel market, undoubtedly time favors them. The business travel agent market is facing a major crisis that many players may not survive. Innovative companies can successfully fill this space, especially since the level of automation of service is still very low on the Polish market.

Remember, there is only time to take advantage of the offer until the fourth of December. To do this, contact your local Hotailors representative.