Christmas Market – Wroclaw, Poland – Ready for Boarding

Christmas market – Wrocław, Poland

That time of year when cities are decorated with lights, the first Christmas trees appear in the windows, Coca-Cola trucks can be found on the roads, and "All I want for Christimas is you" flies on the radio… Christmas, Christmas… What would Christmas be without Christmas Markets?

Taking advantage of the newly opened S8 road (Lodz-Wroclaw), we decided to go to the supposedly best Christmas market in Poland – direction: WROCŁAW.

The opening of the last section of S8, the road connecting Lodz and Wroclaw, received a great echo in all the media. Another quick drive, another opportunity for both two cities. The stretch used to be covered in 3.5 hours, now you can easily go in 2 hours. It took us exactly 1:50 (from downtown to downtown).

We set off on Sunday morning (but not that somehow since dawn 😉 ). The road was empty, driving was super, comfortable, although you can feel the difference in the surface (we'll see if the concrete can withstand the announced 50 years).

Sightseeing tour of Wroclaw

We checked in at our destination before 11:00 am. As it was Sunday, so parking lots free and we were able to park the car in the very center without any problems. Taking the opportunity, we decided to walk around the city first, see the sights, and leave the fair for the very end – just such an icing on the cake.

To begin with, we headed towards the rotunda "Panorama of Raclawice", passing St. Heron's Church on the way. Wojciech and the Museum of Architecture. The screenings at the Racławice Panorama start every half hour, also you don't have to worry about waiting longer to get in. At the rotunda we met the first dwarf and from then on we looked for more 😉

Wroclaw - Raclawice Panorama

Wroclaw - Wroclaw Dwarf

On the other side of the street is the Polish Hill, which offers a nice view of Ostrow Tumski. Then we walked along the river to the Sand Island. We passed the Blessed Virgin Mary Church and walked Tumski Bridge. Of course, it was impossible not to notice the padlocks put on by lovers. I wonder if, as in Rome, the padlocks are removed from time to time…

Wrocław - Tumski Bridge

Then we went to Cathedral of St. St. John the Baptist, Where there are supposedly the largest organs in Poland and some of the largest in Europe. Just when the mass was ending, so we could quietly see the interiors of the buildings.

Wroclaw - St. John the Baptist Cathedral

Wroclaw - St. John the Baptist Cathedral

From there we decided to head to our final destination – the Town Hall and Market Square. On the way we passed through Nowy Targ square, Where weary wanderers, can sit or even lie down and look at the interesting Christmas tree 🙂

Wroclaw - Nowy Targ Square

Moving on we met more dwarves.

Wroclaw - dwarf

Christmas Market at the Wrocław Market Square

Finally we arrived at the market, where stretched a lot of booths, stands and attractions within the Fair. We walked around the square and saw the cloth halls and numerous passages. Then, wanting to feel the atmosphere of Christmas, we wandered around the stands and attractions. You have to admit that the fair was really on a European level!

You can have a very nice time, eat something good, warm up with mulled wine (we recommend with rum!) or hot chocolate, and of course stock up on gifts. The stalls offered Christmas decorations, handicrafts, bags, cheeses, T-shirts as well as soap and jam (literally 🙂 ) Booths with Hungarian, French, Polish, German, Spanish cuisine and numerous booths with sweets were tempting with their fragrances. Photos, unfortunately, can not fully reflect the atmosphere in the Market Square…

Wroclaw - Christmas Market

Wrocław - Christmas Market

Wroclaw - Christmas Market

Wroclaw - Christmas Market

Wroclaw - Christmas Market

Wroclaw - Christmas Market

Wroclaw Christmas Market

Summary of the visit to Wroclaw

Unfortunately the weather wasn't the best, it was a bit drizzling and chilly, but still we had to admit that we were not the only tourists in Wroclaw – what's more: as Polish tourists we were in the minority. The monuments are well marked, there are a lot of signs and maps at the main attractions, the descriptions are in many languages. Wroclaw is really betting on tourism and it's coming out super.

During the walk our attention was drawn to the city's infrastructure and traffic organization: lots of bike lanes, bike locks, roads closed to cars, etc. It's possible to make the city pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly? It can be done!

We will certainly be happy to return again, this time in the summer, and we wholeheartedly recommend you to visit the Wrocław Christmas Market! 🙂