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7 reasons why it's fun to travel while pregnant

Did you know that traveling during pregnancy has many benefits? Today a little bit about why you should travel while pregnant and privileges for pregnant women 🙂

Some pregnant women are afraid to travel, and some simply do not want to – each decision must be respected.

However, if you are in the group who want to, or… in the group who want to, but have some BUTs, then below we describe in points why it is worth traveling during pregnancy and a little about the benefits of it, because maybe they are not so obvious for everyone 😉

1. Rest

The first thing that comes to mind is just relaxing 🙂 A rested pregnant woman is a happy pregnant woman. Your loved ones will also appreciate it. If you are working while pregnant, it's worth taking a vacation (you won't use it all anyway 😉 ) and take a short break even before closing projects and handing over responsibilities.

If you are on leave and can move from home – it is worth it. At home you still have preparations in your head, completing the layette, and a little away from the hustle and bustle of home you can rest from that.

Traveling while pregnant - Poland

2. For the rich

If not now then when? You deserve luxury more than ever 🙂 Book a hotel in the center to walk less. With a comfortable bed to get enough sleep. With bathroom in the room, elevator, etc. etc. Choose a convenient, often more expensive means of transportation. Eat at better restaurants (freshly!).

For us, location and cleanliness were always key in choosing a hotel, and now in addition the accessibility of the hotel, the elevator (because in the end it was Paul who had to carry everything) fresh and varied meals in the hotel, etc.

3. You skip the queues

No one will refuse to let you in without a queue 🙂 Expect people to let you through on your own and take advantage! If they won't let you through, see where there are cash registers or priority aisles and culturally ask the people standing in line if you can use the.

If someone let us through, we took advantage. If they didn't, and we were in need, we asked other people waiting to be let in, or we approached staff or security, who were always happy to help.

It's not about taking advantage of your blessed state, as often there may be someone in line who is more in need, but if you're tired, your legs swell or whatever then don't be afraid to ask for help (I couldn't imagine standing for an hour in the sun in line for an object in Portugal – if we weren't allowed out of line, we'd definitely give up).

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We also had a nice situation when renting a car, where we had to wait in a rather large queue that did not advance anything. Employees seeing pregnant women, because it wasn't just us, directed them to the VIP service desk (no, we didn't get upper class 🙂 ).

I had not imagined this at all before and did not even want to take advantage of the kindness of others. However, at some point you realize that for some reason such facilities were invented 😉

Traveling while pregnant

4. Always have a seat

Whether in public transport or in waiting rooms, there will always be a place for a pregnant woman (they even wanted to give way to me on some railings, because there was nowhere to sit 😉 ).

People both in Poland and abroad simply respond brilliantly to the sight of a pregnant woman, which is mega friendly and often helpful.

5. You can fuss and grumble to your heart's content

You can fuss and grumble to your heart's content – in pregnancy you are forgiven 😉

Food does not taste? Tell the waiter. Bed uncomfortable? Report it to the hotel reception. I'm writing about this because we don't often complain ourselves (we don't need much to be happy), but in pregnancy your comfort is paramount, so if there's something you can change, it's worth doing so.

Traveling while pregnant - Teide, Tenerife

6. You visit less, but better

Don't worry if you can't "go around" all the activities you have planned for the day. Take breaks whenever you need them, and always have a flexible tour plan.

This does not mean that the trip will be less valuable, on the contrary! We noticed that when sightseeing while pregnant, we focused on quality rather than quantity – we planned more carefully what we wanted to see on a given day, what interested us more, rather than where there were the most tourists.

We often chose places that are less crowded but have a lot to offer.

During the tour itself, we stopped more often and had time to learn a lot and read about the different places or just enjoy the beautiful views.

Traveling while pregnant - Elblag, Poland

7. Openness

Seeing a pregnant woman, people are more likely to chat – there is already a point of connection: a boy or a girl? Which month? When the due date? – and, as the conversation sparks, find out what to see in the area, where the best place to eat fresh local food is, where to stay overnight, etc

We met very interesting and open-minded people in the process 🙂

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There is much more to it..

Appreciating the last moments alone with your other half is actually probably the most important part of traveling while pregnant 🙂 Go to a nice, romantic place and enjoy yourself, the peace and quiet… because soon nothing will be the same (it will get better!).

These are, in my opinion, the most important points, and I hope that I have convinced insecure people to get out of the house and go, still in a two-pack 🙂