It’s been a long time since it’s been this good – air ticket sales for 2 weeks. December – Dubai undisputed l

It’s been a long time “so good” – air ticket sales in 2 weeks. December – Dubai the undisputed leader

As expected, the observed trend of improving airline ticket sales performance has accelerated. No surprise, too, in terms of the driver of this growth, which is exotic destinations. OTAs as well as agents handling maritime traffic continue to do very well.

Airline ticket sales results 2 weeks in December.

After two weeks of December, the y-o-y decline in gross sales is 74% this is a dozen strong percent less than in November and more than 20% better than in October. The new gas pedal of this trend is sales based on dynamic bundling as well as the return of incentive/luxury group sales. Consequently, among the top five iata agents checked in with consolidators issuing just this type of tickets.

Among consolidators, sales declines are much lower than average, averaging 40%. We even have cases of sales increases, mainly in the dynamic package segment (Dubai) as well as Luxury traffic ( Carter).

October/November leaders still doing well/better than average

The trend of improving results among agents who did relatively better in October and November has strengthened. This is especially true for OTA agents, as well as maritime agents. In the latter group, agents appeared with a total sales result at the level of last year.

TUI enters the game

TUI also appears high on the sales list . Thus we see that it is entering the game with its dynamic bundling. The popularity of this segment could not go unnoticed. However, we will see how it will continue.

Ithaca and Rainbow rely on charters

Two other market leaders took a different path . They are betting heavily on charters , Ithaca is launching a product based on the A330. Lodz rival bets on Kenya and Dominican Republic. Outside the game also remains Ecco, certainly also this agent will want to join the race for customers on exotic destinations.

Dubai the undisputed leader

Dubai is the No. 1 destination in terms of sales volume, additionally with doubled vs last year’s result. Close on its heels are the Maldives , followed by Zanzibar Cancun and , Punta Cana. Again, it is worth noting that the taste of LOT does not offer in the regular network any of the mentioned destinations. The lack of operations to Dubai hurts the most.

We will see how the results of the next weeks will shape up, certainly the charters thrown on the market can mix things up a bit. On the other hand, Fly Dubai and Qatar Airways are returning to flying from Poland. They will certainly take care of attractively priced offers.

The surplus of charter seats can also be an opportunity to implement innovations. Citizen Plane company enters Poland more strongly with its solution for selling “remaining” charter tickets on offer.