Baby on the go how to make a passport and ID card Ready for Boarding

Child on the go: how to make a passport and ID card?

We got through the hardest part, took a photo of our beaver! We can now apply for a proof or passport and the whole world is open to us 🙂 What to choose and how to apply for a proof and/or passport?

In a previous post, we wrote about the value of taking a photo for our child's ID and passport at home. Today a few words about the next step, that is, making a passport and/or proof.

It's a good idea to think about this (especially the passport) as early as possible to avoid queues at the peak before the holiday season 🙂

What to choose, proof or passport?

We have already written about this in a previous post.

Generally speaking, if you are not traveling outside the European Union or Schengen zone, then a free proof (which you can also apply for online) will suffice!). But on the other hand, you never know when some cool last minute abroad of our beautiful Union will happen, so it's better to be prepared 😉

How to apply for a passport for your child?

The application for a passport is submitted by both parents. Both of you have to appear in the office (you can be without a comforter). Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule, such as. When the father is unknown or the other parent does not have full rights. It is also possible to deal with the subject by a proper declaration from one parent, but this must be done by notary, consular or passport office official. Here, however, we will focus on the situation when both parents/legal guardians go to the office.

  1. Passport application – this one you will get at the passport point and fill out on the spot. Note! Do not sign right away – this should be done only at the window under the watchful eye of an official.
  2. One photo (color).
  3. Confirmation of payment of the passport fee (PLN 30 or PLN 15 for large families). You can usually pay the fee on the spot by card (you'll have to ask your office for details).
  4. If there is: child's passport or proof, Large Family Card.
  5. Parents' ID cards.

With these documents you go together to the window at the passport point, complete the formalities and receive confirmation of the application, on which there is a rather important number of. It will allow you to check online whether the passport is ready for collection (you can check here).

The passport should be ready within 30 days, but it is worth checking online after 2 weeks to see what the status is. Ours was ready after about 20 days.

To pick up a passport, all you need is one of your parents with their ID card.

How to apply for a proof for your child?

You can apply for a proof for your child online or in the office.


This is an option only for those who have a trusted profile (eGo) or a qualified certificate.

The process itself is trivial – just go to the ePUAP website and select "get the case". After logging in to the trusted profile, you need to choose the municipality office where you will pick up the document, fill out the form, attach the photo, electronically sign, send and… done 🙂

Now it remains to wait a maximum of 30 days.

Municipality office:

The whole family doesn't have to go to the office – one parent is enough, unless the child is over 5, in which case the young citizen must also show up.

  1. Identity document of the parent or legal guardian,
  2. application for a proof – unlike the application for a passport, here it is even recommended to prepare it at home,
  3. a photo of the child (in color).

As with the passport, we also wait 30 days for the proof and can also verify the status online (here). The document is picked up at the same office, and you must appear with your ID to pick it up.

As for the photo, the requirements for children are the same as for the passport, with the only difference that if you send an online form you simply attach one photo with a min resolution. 492 x 610 pixels (must not weigh more than 2.5 MB).


It turns out that official matters can be done easily and quickly. Just read what you need and prepare to have a set of documents with you.

We were particularly positively surprised by the way to apply for an ID card without leaving home!