Where to go on vacation in 2022 Our types! Ready for Boarding

Where to go on vacation in 2022? Our types!

The time has just come when quite a few of us are wondering where to go for our next vacation. The new year is conducive to planning not only to buy a gym pass, but also to plan holiday getaways. In this post we will give you our suggestions on where to go on vacation in 2022, thinking no longer only about Poland.

Undeniably, Poland is beautiful, but I guess we're already mostly counting on the fact that after two years we'll be able to travel abroad a lot more than last time 🙂 However, if you prefer to travel in Poland, we recommend our post Where to go on vacation in Poland?

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COVID restrictions for 2022 vacations

Unfortunately, we are currently living in a time of pandemics, which definitely does not make it easier to plan travel as well as travel itself. Often when planning ahead, we don't know what the restrictions will look like six months from now, and whether and what tests will be required before arriving in a country.

Unfortunately, the experience of previous years shows that also in the holiday season can look different, and often until the last minute countries or regions do not announce specific requirements and restrictions.

Writing this entry, we assume that the destinations we recommend will be open to tourism during the "holiday" period, that is, in our understanding, from May to October. And this is happening, as most countries are lifting restrictions after all, but not all. The situation is still very volatile, however, and certainly closer to the vacations more will be known about it.

Where to look for information on travel restrictions?

Certainly here we can recommend you a super search engine on Fly4Free, which you can find at this link. You'll find simple and clear information on virtually every possible direction, including whether tests are needed, what the transit or quarantine issue is like. Although the editors of Fly4Free take care to update this database, it is always worth checking the information on the website of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and, above all, on the government websites of the country to which you are going.

It's also worth checking such information not only when planning a trip and buying tickets, but also on a regular basis, e.g. A month before your trip to make sure nothing has changed, even at the last minute. It is already standard for countries to announce new requirements even 2-3 days before their introduction.

Where to go on vacation – suggestions for everyone

But let's get back to more pleasant topics and planning our vacations for 2022! Below you will find our suggested destinations for everyone. You will find some interesting beaches, some monuments, some interesting cities and towns and some places for active recreation. In other words, something good for everyone 😉

Below you will also find dedicated places for families with children, although you can use the other suggestions as well.

Canary Islands

A destination ideal for both winter and summer. The Canary Islands is a place where there is something for everyone. We were on five of the thirteen islands. The islands we have been to are: Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria, and Lobos. Each island offers different attractions and you will definitely not be bored on any of them (ok, maybe aim for the bigger islands for a longer stay though 😉 ).

In our experience, if you don't know where to go, but don't think only about beachcombing then Tenerife is worth choosing. However, if you're looking for beachcombing then Fuerteventura is the place to go, with its phenomenal beaches. It is worth combining it with a visit to Lanzarote and, on occasion, Isla de Lobos. We spent the least time on Gran Canaria, but like all the others it has its pros and cons. Here you can read more about which Canary Island to choose.

In conclusion, the Canary Islands are always a good choice, there is something for everyone at any time of the year here. During the last months it has also been a popular destination and you should not expect any major restrictions there when it comes to traveling.

Fuerteventura - Canary Islands

Fuerteventura - Canary Islands

Teide, Tenerife - Canary Islands

Playa de las Teresitas - Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Temperature: The weather in the Canary Islands can vary from island to island, but it can be assumed that during the holiday season it is a nice average of 22-28 degrees Celsius.

Length of the flight: The flight takes about 6 hours, depending on the city of departure and the destination island.

Accommodation: We do not have a specific accommodation to recommend in the Canaries, you can search various options here.


The best time to visit this amazing island is during the vacations. That's when the day is longest there and we have the best chance that all roads will be open (although even those may be closed periodically due to e.g. strong winds (which also happened to us in August).

Iceland itself offers a lot of attractions like volcanoes, hot springs, beautiful waterfalls, glaciers or… a crashed plane. However, you must bear in mind that it will not be very warm there. In the area of the glaciers the temperature drops to minus temperatures 🙂 But this is not the biggest minus. Iceland, unfortunately, is a very expensive island, especially in summer. Nevertheless, you will not experience crowds there!

Leirhnjúkur, North Iceland

North Iceland - lunar views

Iceland - the road from Hofn to Reyðarfjörður

Iceland - the road from Hofn to Reyðarfjörður

Iceland - the road from Hofn to Reyðarfjörður

Temperature: Generally in summer we can count on temperatures of 10-12 degrees Celsius. However, in some areas it is much colder.

Length of the flight: The flight takes about 4.5 hours.

Accommodation: It's worth thinking about staying overnight in different places to get around the whole island. Accommodation can be booked e.g. on booking.com.


Azores is an ideal destination for fans of trekking. You won't experience beautiful golden beaches or warm seas here. For that we have a lot of interesting trekking routes, hot springs, pineapple plantations and tea plantations, the best steaks in Europe or beautiful vegetation. In general, the whole island is mega green! 🙂

It is not a very popular destination, which is related to the fact that there are very few tourists there. So if you are not fond of crowds, don't like to sit still and don't expect heat, this destination is perfect for you!

>>> We also recommend our eBook "Azores" for only 19,99 zł! All in one place, and in it 103 pages full of inspiration, descriptions and practical advice.

Path to Miradouro da Boca do Inferno, Azores

Caldeira Velha - Azores

Caldeira Velha - Azores

Blue and Green Lake, Azores

Porto Formoso tea plantation - São Miguel, Azores

Temperature: In summer temperatures here reach 20-25 degrees Celsius.

Flight length: There are currently no direct flights. With a connecting flight (preferably in Lisbon) the whole trip can take about 7 hours.

Accommodation: We wrote about accommodation in the Azores here: Azores – where to stay and how much it costs?


Evergreen island. This is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about Madeira. The temperature here is more or less constant throughout the year, but it is also pleasant in summer.

Madeira is an ideal place for lovers of active pursuits. As in the Azores, there are not many opportunities to lie on a sandy beach here, but we do have unearthly views, high cliffs and beautiful trekking routes, including the popular levadas. Despite the lack of snow, you can also go sledding or swimming in natural pools on the ocean shore 🙂

>>> We also recommend our eBook "Madeira" for only PLN 19.99! All in one place, and in it 103 pages full of inspiration, descriptions and practical advice.

Teleferico, Madeira

Waterfall - Bride's veil, Madeira

Boaventura, Madeira

Cape Sao Lourenco - Madeira

Levada - Madeira

Temperature: During the holiday season here we can count on 20-25 degrees Celsius. Of course the higher the colder 🙂

Flight length: The direct flight (currently only by charter) takes about 5 hours. With a connecting flight (preferably in Lisbon), the trip takes a total of about 7 hours.

Accommodation: Accommodation is recommended to look for using booking.com.


Expensive oh expensive 😉 But Switzerland is beautiful, and the summer period is the best time to go there m.in. because the cost of your stay can be reduced by staying overnight in tented campsites.

Beautiful towns, mighty mountains, picturesque valleys and lakes, breathtaking railroads and mountain railroads, or even the Grand Tour around Switzerland… these are just a few of the attractions you can count on in this country.

Stein am Rhein - Switzerland

Saffuza - Switzerland

Chapel Bridge, Lucerne - Switzerland

Titlis - Switzerland

Titlis - Switzerland

Temperature: During the summer, you can count on temperatures between 18-23 degrees Celsius. Of course, here too, the higher it gets, the colder it gets 🙂

Length of flight: The flight takes about 2 hours. You can also get there by car or even by camper van (we chose this option).

Accommodations: It's not cheap, but we definitely recommend looking for hotels here or campsites on the "park4night" app.


Another proposal for everyone, where we will find a lot of monuments, beautiful towns, places for physical activities, but this time also beautiful beaches and even quite warm sea 😉 And that Etna, the highest and largest volcano in Europe, moreover, still active, which can sometimes weave tricks 🙂

Sicily, as it is referred to, is in our opinion one of the best places to spend a vacation. Admittedly, there are places where it will be more crowded, but thanks to the many attractions spread practically all over the island, there is plenty to choose from.

Piazza Armerina - Sicily

Noto Cathedral - Sicily

Calabernardo, Sicily

Piazza Regina Margherita, Marzamemi - Sicily

Tempio della Concordia, Agrigento - Sicily

Scala dei Turchi - Sicily

Temperature: The first place in our list where we can count on real heat. 30 degrees Celsius is the average temperature on the island in summer.

Flight length: It takes about less than 3 hours to fly to Sicily directly from Poland.

Accommodation: Accommodation in Sicily can be found on booking.com.

Faroe Islands

Not an obvious destination, but we think the Faroe Islands are a one-of-a-kind destination. In our opinion, if you liked Iceland, you will definitely like the Faroe Islands too. Just beware, it's even more expensive here! 🙂

Beautiful views, some of Europe's largest cliffs, breathtaking scenic routes and, most of all, an overlooked nature! This is a paradise for people who do not like to sit still, an ideal place for trekking trips. There are no crowds here either. Ba! We walking the trail sometimes didn't even meet a living soul 🙂

>>> We also recommend our eBook "Faroe Islands" for only PLN 19.99! All in one place, and in it 149 pages full of inspiration, descriptions and practical advice.

Lake Sørvágsvatn, Vágar - Faroe Islands

Eysturoy - Faroe Islands

Streymoy - Faroe Islands

Streymoy - Faroe Islands

Streymoy - Faroe Islands

Saksun, Streymoy - Faroe Islands

Temperature: Throughout the year, temperatures remain constant at 10-14 degrees Celsius.

Length of the flight: There are no direct flights. The best way is through Copenhagen. The trip then takes about 5 hours.

Accommodations: Accommodation here is very expensive and there is not much of it. Be sure to book well in advance. In this case we recommend booking.com.


Germany is a very large country and, writing in very general terms, there is something for everyone here. We, however, mainly want to recommend to you Saxony as an ideal place for a holiday trip. Why?

Because this is an area right on the Polish border, and there is something for everyone in the area. Beautiful Dresden and surroundings, Leipzig and the region that changes beyond recognition after the closure of the local mines, wonderful Görlitz or the entire Upper Lusatia.

Trixi Park and surroundings - Saxony, Germany

Nonnenfelsen - Saxony, Germany

Goerlitz - Saxony, Germany

New Castle, Muskauer Park - Saxony, Germany

Narrow-gauge railroad, Bad Muskau - Saxony, Germany

Moritzburg Palace, Saxony

Temperature: Similar to Poland 😉

Length of the flight: The best way to get here is by car.

Accommodation: A large selection of accommodations can be found on here.


Are you looking for the most beautiful beaches in Europe? Portugal is a country where you will find quite a lot of them, mainly in the Algarve region. The beaches here are beautiful and huge, so there will be plenty of room for anyone.

For dessert, you should also visit the capital of Portugal. Lisbon is a beautiful city that is worth spending at least 3 days on. Numerous observation decks, famous streetcar lines or so-called "elevators" and Belem and Sintra are just some of the attractions worth noting on the site.

Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal

West Coast - Portugal

Pena Palace - Sintra

Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra

Lisbon - Portugal

Panorama over Lisbon from Castelo de Sao Jorge

Praca do Comercio, Lisbon

Temperature: In summer you can count on temperatures of 26-29 degrees Celsius.

Length of flight: Direct flight takes about 4 hours.

Accommodation: Especially in high season, it's worth booking accommodation in advance. You can do it e.g. Here.

United States

Here, as with Germany, the choice is huge. Being in the USA, we visited only Florida, but this destination is not recommended to you in the summer, because of at least the possibility of hurricanes.

So why the USA? Because this is a very interesting destination, easily accessible to most of us (remember, visas are no longer mandatory for Polish citizens), which will definitely be available in the summer.

What, New York or maybe Chicago? Or the Grand Canyon and Los Angeles? 🙂

Florida FAQ - frequently asked questions from travel to the USA

Florida FAQ - frequently asked questions from travel to the USA

Florida FAQ - frequently asked questions from travel to the USA

Florida FAQ - frequently asked questions from travel to the USA

Florida FAQ - the most frequently asked questions from a trip to the USA

Temperature: Depends on the region of the country.

Length of flight: You have to expect a minimum 8-hour flight.

Accommodation: as always, reliable booking will help.com we used while in Florida.

Where to go on vacation with children

And now something special, dedicated to families with children. Plenty of suggestions for families with children can be found in our traveling with a child section. Here we present you our suggestions for vacations 2022 for families with children:


We can state with full responsibility that if we are talking about a vacation with children, there is no better destination than Turkey. Huge hotels with countless slides and swimming pools, good all-inclusive, large beaches, warm water in the sea, guaranteed weather practically from May to October, a relatively short flight, a large number of connections from practically every city in Poland, the best value for money, and there is also something to visit locally.

We know what we're writing, because we've been to Turkey on vacation with children twice before. So why aren't there blog posts about it? Well, that's right, because it was a vacation 🙂 Total chillout, time for the kids and fun mostly at the pools 🙂